What areas will be under construction?

    The road work area will be from 250m east of Airport Line to the West Limit of the Community of Zurich. Traffic will be reduced to one lane during construction within the construction zone.

    When will construction happen?

    Early June 2022 to mid-November 2022. Zurich-Hensall Road will be closed at the Brenner Drain culvert between mid-September to mid-October 2022. A local detour and temporary pedestrian bridge will be in place during Brenner Drain culvert repair.

    Will construction affect the Zurich Bean fest or Country Fair?

    The Contractor must make the road and sidewalks accessible. The site is to be left free of debris and all equipment & materials are to be securely stored behind construction fencing.

    What sidewalks will be replaced?

    The sidewalk will be replaced on both sides of Zurich Main St. from Frederick Ave. to Quimby St., and new sidewalk will be installed on the north side of Zurich Main St. from Quimby St. to East St. Improvements will include accessibility and boulevard restoration.

    How will traffic be affected during construction?

    Single Lane traffic will be maintained for most of the project, besides the section closed at the Brenner Drain culvert. This section will have a local detour for the three-week period between mid-September to mid-October 2022.

    What will happen to trees during the construction?

    Attempts will be made to protect as many trees as possible. However, low lying limbs or tree roots may be impacted by excavation and construction works. Several new trees will be planted within the project limits.

    Where will there be parking during construction?

    Residents and Businesses in the construction zone will have access to their driveways, but there will be times when access is restricted. There will be no on street parking during construction within the construction zone.

    Where do I put my BRA garbage and recycling bins for regular waste pick up during construction?

    Garbage and Recycling bins should be put out in the usual location (i.e., Roadside or alley). The Contractor will ensure that the garbage and recycling are collected. It is requested that residents make note of the serial number on their wheelie bin and put a non-permanent marking (i.e. adhesive sticker with their address) on their wheelie bins rather than writing permanently onto the wheelie bin.

    What if construction activities damage my personal property or utility lines?

    Please contact the Municipal Office to report damage to personal property or utility lines. Be sure to include details like what the damage is, when it was observed and the location. The Municipal Office will then report the claim to all necessary parties.

    Will I experience water disruptions during construction?

    Residents and Businesses from Goshen Street to Blind Line will be on temporary watermain and there will be several disruptions to water service for the temporary water and final connections. Notice will be given for these planned disruptions. No other utility disruption is planned.